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In-car Smart Remote Control System

Updated: May 1, 2019


Client Overview

A leading global auto maker looking to develop new innovations for future vehicles.

Business Challenge

Client wanted to design a in-car remote which can control the car functions by co-passengers without disturbing the driver. In-car remote had to sync with car controls and perform the respective operations in a small form factor (portable device).

Tech.powersquare Contribution

Complete end to end design, development of the concept to fully functional prototype

Developed innovative industrial design similar to a watch for users interaction

Intuitive UI/UX design and development for users to access the remote

Hardware, firmware and Mechanical design

Android OS based application development

Integration into existing car to demonstrate complete functionality

Benefits Delivered

Ease of use: This innovation provided a lot of convenience and flexibility to passengers in client's tests

Ease of execution: We handled all aspects of the project including integration with existing car

Expandability: Demonstrated that this technology platform can be extended to enable passenger to have an enhanced in-car experience

Road ahead: This feature was picked up by the client management as an add on to their product roadmap.

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4 commentaires

Ricardo Timithy
Ricardo Timithy
03 août 2023

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Nathan Blackburn
Nathan Blackburn
02 août 2022

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07 mars 2022

I am using this system from the time when i have bought the car and these systems sometimes cause issues also. But car locksmith near me always helped me whenever i see issues with the car remote control system.


28 nov. 2021

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