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Smart Keyfob based Vehicle Detection

Client Overview

A leading global auto maker looking to develop new innovations for future vehicles.

Business Challenge

Client wanted to design a smart key fob for vehicle access requiring no action on the part of the driver. Smart key fob and vehicle platform had to perform locking/unlocking process based on the driver location and also perform other vehicle functions when it is docked.

Tech.powersquare Contribution

Complete end to end design & development of the concept to functional prototype

Algorithms to detect the key and provide smart vehicle access

RF analysis to identify the right location in the car for the module

Designed Smart key fob and In car connectivity hardware design and implementation

Design and implemented multiple in-car functional elements enabled via the same smart key fob

Benefits Delivered

Ease of use: This innovation provided a lot of convenience and flexibility to drivers in client's tests

Functional demonstration: The concept was demonstrated in full functionality and under varied test conditions.

We handled all aspects of the project including integration with existing car

Expandability: Demonstrated that this technology platform can be extended to enable passenger to have an enhanced in-car experience

Road ahead: This feature was picked up by the client management as an add on to their product roadmap.

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