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Rugged Sleeve, Wireless Charging and OTG peripheral Integration for an Industrial Application

Client Overview

A pioneer in last mile digital payment systems.

Business Challenge

Client wanted to design a rugged sleeve for an off the shelf tablet and integrate a fingerprint sensor and wireless charging. A customized dock to be designed as well to charge the tablet along with the sleeve. Functionality of the fingerprint scanner, wired and wireless charging with pre-defined operating modes was a key technical challenge to be resolved.

Tech.powersquare Contribution

Product Design phase included a work shop to understand the desired form factors and field use cases across their customer base. The workshop was used to ideate and zero-in on a industrial design concept that formed the basis for rest of the product development

System evaluation to understand the tablet and peripheral behavior across all use cases

HW design phase to implement a validated discrete design into a compact custom PCB

Rapid prototyping of the sleeve, dock and the pcb to build a fully functional prototype

Product validation across an aligned test plan to cover all mainstream and corner cases

Production release of all electronics and mechanical engineering data along with production test procedures.

Benefits Delivered

Functionality: Fingerprint, wired charging and wireless charging all working together

Ease of use: Wireless charging system implementation with custom docking station

Product longevity: Rugged design and wireless charging ensure product usability and protection against abuse.

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